Why do I need to open an account for trading?
As per the regulations governing financial markets, if you wish to trade / invest in any financial instrument, you will need to open an account in order to register your details with the market regulators. This also helps in identifying an individual investor from all other investors for consideration of benefits accrued to such investors.
Do I need to open a new bank account for opening an online account even if I already have a bank account?
If you already have a bank account, you can get the same linked to your trading account with us in order to trade online; if the same is amongst our alliances. In case you wish to trade through the offline mode, you can continue to use your existing bank account for financing your trades.
Is trading through the Internet safe?
The safety of transactions on the Internet depends on the encryption system used. The better this transaction system, the more difficult it is for any person to hack the site.
Internationally, the best system available today, is the 128-bit encryption, a system, which even the Pentagon uses. is one of the few online share-trading sites in the country equipped with this 128-bit encryption.
Secondly, you too can ensure the safety of the transactions online. You normally get a secured user id and password, the secrecy of which is to be maintained entirely by you. Thirdly, if the transaction system requires no manual intervention, you further improve the safety in the transactions. This enables the elimination of the possibility of any manual intervention, which means orders are directly sent to the exchange ensuring that you get the best and right price.
Is trading through the Internet a difficult and cumbersome process?
The experience of trading through Internet depends a great deal on the type of product offered by the site. Say, for example, one of the issues bothering you may be the amount of the paperwork involved after every trade in writing cheques or TIFDs. You would then seek a system that eliminates these processes.
In online trading sites, the greater the back-end integration of the system, the greater the amount of work the sites do for you, therefore greater the convenience available to you.
For example, incase of Baljit Securities Pvt. Ltd., your broking account, bank account and demat account are linked electronically. So when you punch in a buy or sell order, the system checks the funds/ shares availability and automatically credits/debits the accounts once the order is executed by the exchange.
But I am not comfortable with Internet, or with finance, how can online trading be easy for me?
Contrary to common perceptions, trading through Internet does not require either any expertise in working on the computer, or any special financial skills.
You could try the demo (demonstration) of the online trading sites like to find out why others like you, with little or no knowledge about the Internet or finance, have switched on to online trading.
I am pretty satisfied with my present broker who serves me offline. Why should I choose to go online to trade shares?
Many of those customers who have chosen to trade shares online today, had at one point of time been trading through offline brokers, just like you are today. They took a chance to go online and trade shares. After realising the advantages of trading shares online, they have shifted to online trading now. In fact, there are many customers who have already opened an account with us. Just try trading shares after opening an account with any online trading site. However, before choosing an online trading site, please compare all such websites and then make a decision.
If I already have a Demat account with other Depository?
To avail of the advantage offered by the integration of the exposure, and the Demat account, Demat account with POA will have to be with Baljit group.
Who is eligible to open a trading account with Baljit Securities?
Any individual, Hindu Undivided Family, proprietary firm, partnership firm or a company can open a trading account with
How do I open an account?
You can register with us online through this website:

  • Go to open an account option and provide us the details.
  • Click on Go button & register your details to allow us to get in touch with you.

You can call us:
+91 33 405 11200 (local charges applicable)

Write to us:
Write to us at

What are the documents required for online trading account?
The following documents are required to open an online trading account:

Address Proof (any one):
  • Electricity Bill
  • Landline Phone Bill
  • Bank Statement / passbook copy (the proofs mentioned above should not be more than 2 months old)
  • Valid Voter ID card copy
  • Ration Card copy

ID Proof (any one):
  • Valid Pan Card copy
  • Valid Passport copy

Bank Proof (any one):
  • Personalized crossed cheque
  • Bank passbook copy
  • Statement from Bank stating that the cheque enclosed belongs to your account.

  • Passport size photographs of the entire account holder in case the account will be held jointly.
What is the turnaround time for opening an online account?
The general turnaround time for opening a resident online account is 3 days from the date of receipt of the account opening form and is subjected to cheque clearance.
How will I come to know that my account has been opened?
Once your account has been opened, our Relationship Manager will inform you about your trading account details and help you to familiarize with your account usage.
What is the least amount of margin that I need to pay Baljit Securities to start trading?
You can start trading by placing a minimum margin of:

If I have to open a new bank account, do I have to pay the account opening deposit amount & maintain the minimum balance required for the bank account?
Yes if you have to open a new bank account, you will have to maintain the minimum balance as required by the bank policies and provide for the trading amount also.
I have already a trading and demat account with you and I want to trade online. How it's possible?
If you have a trading account and Demat account with POA, just fill up a form of IBT and you can start trade online.
What are the basic system requirements to trade online?
For Baljit Trade Express, we suggest the following pre-requisites as basic requirements:
  • Operating system should be Windows 98 or higher versions
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
  • Sun Java

How to logon to Baljit Online?
  • Login to the web page by using the website
    Where you need to enter the login name and password in the respective fields provided. On first login attempt, it prompts you for change in password and transaction password.
  • The password and transaction password should be alphanumerical and should be 6 to 12 characters in length. And you should not be allowed to set the password same as Last two passwords.
  • On entering wrong password 3 times, the login will be blocked. To reset the password, you have to request the ADMIN.

How frequently do I need to change the password?
You need to change the login password and transaction password after every 14 days. Once 14 days completed, the system mandates the change password option. The user is allowed to login only after the password is changed.
What is transaction password?
The transaction password is for investor clients. The investor clients need to enter the transaction password while any transactions post login is done.
If I have forgotten my password or if my account gets locked, then what do I do?
If you have forgotten your password, you could recover a new password by "Forget Password" Option or mail to, our customer care to reset the same.
How safe are my Logon Id and password?
Your Logon Id and Password are only known to you as these are stored in encrypted form with us. Infact, even the first time also you get your own Logon Id and Password that are known only to you.
How can I create my portfolio or market watch profile?
You can create portfolio or market watch from Set MW from Market Watch Page which is under Trade menu.
In the Set MW Page first you need to enter the Market Watch name and click on Create button. Then from respective exchange Look up page, you can select any of the security across exchange segments and say add contract.
After adding the scrip, you get a message like Task successfully completed. While adding future symbols, you have to select the proper expiry.
You can also delete the Market watch by clicking on Delete button. You can even set the default market Watch by clicking on Set default MW from Set Market Watch Page.
When you click on Close the Set Market Watch page will get closed.
How can I add scrip to market watch profile from market watch?
You can add scrip to market watch by clicking on Add Scrip button which is present on the top of the market watch.
How many scrips I add in market watch?
You can add a maximum of 30 scrips in market watch. It won't allow the user to add any more than 30 scrips.
How can I search scrip in market watch?
You can search scrip in market watch by typing the initial three alphabets of the scrip.
How frequently are the prices updated at all these online trading sites?
The templates available at online trading sites provide instantaneous updates. Also, some websites can offer to transact in those shares instantaneously and with convenience.
My Market watch doesn't show live streaming quotes. What to do?
In order to get live streaming quotes on your Market Watch, You need to have Sun Java installed. To do show please follow the step mentioned below:-

In Login page - Please click on 'PLUGIN' Java. A small window will open up as shown bellow. Click on the tab Save.

Kindly specify the location or drive where you would want to save the application.

After saving please press double click on the exe file.

The installation wind will open. Click Accept>Finish.
Can I buy/sell shares of any company/value?
Yes, you may, provided you have the funds in your account or stocks with your depository participant, and the company is listed on any exchange of which Baljit is a member.
Can I modify/cancel my order?
Yes, you can modify or cancel your orders, till the time they are not executed.
Do I need to have money before buying of shares?
Yes, you need to have credit in your account before placing an order. Alternatively if you have sold some shares, the sale proceeds can be used to buy the shares you want.
What are IOC & day orders?
An Immediate or Cancel (IOC) order allows the user to buy or sell a security as soon as the order is released into the system, failing which the order is cancelled from the system. Partial match is possible for the order and the unmatched portion of the order is cancelled immediately. A Good Till Days/Date (DAY) order allows the user to specify the number of days/date till which the order should stay in the system if not executed.
What is a Disc Quantity (DQ) order?
Normally, the order quantity is disclosed in full to the market. An order with a Disclosed Quantity (DQ) condition/attribute allows the Trading Member to disclose only a part of the order quantity to the market. For example, an order of 1000 with a disclosed quantity condition of 200 will mean that 200 is displayed to the market at a time. After this is traded, another 200 is automatically released and so on till the full order is executed. Disclosed Quantity (DQ) should not be less that 10% of the Order Quantity and at the same time should not be greater than or equal to the Order Quantity.
What is the procedure for placing Stop Loss Orders?
Stop Loss order can be placed while placing a fresh order as well as a square off order.

Basics of Stop Loss Order:
Buy: Market Price < Trigger price < Order Price. (Trigger price entered should be greater than the market price)
Sell: Market Price > Trigger price > Order Price. (Trigger price entered should be lesser than the market price)
When the market hits the trigger price, the order is forwarded to the exchange and the same gets traded at a price between the Trigger price and the order price.
What is a Basket Order/Multiple order?
Basket order is a facility provided by, which allows you to place an order in 5 scrips with a single click. All you need to do is select Place Multiple orders in Equity and select your scrips and buy/sell them all at one go.
What is Basket Order?
Basket order is a feature which enable user to execute batch or bulk orders in a very short span of time. Through this option, user can put the buy & sale order simultaneously and place the orders by a single click.
How do I place multiple/Basket orders?
Click on Normal Basket (right click on streaming quotes market watch) Choose which action (buy/sell) you would want to perform on the chosen scrip and also specify the quantity, price, and type of order in each scrip. You may want to specify a stop loss price in the required space, if you desire. After doing so, you may click on the place order button. You will be led to a screen where you have to enter your trading password and click on the Confirm Button. The screens will guide you from there on.
What is the product type? What are all products available in Baljit Online?
In Baljit Online, there are two product types. Before placing an order you can select this product tag and place the order in that product. The various products present in Baljit Online are CNC (Cash and Carry), MIS (Margin Intraday Square-off). For NFO Exchange orders can be placed for MIS and where as for NSE Exchange products available are CNC and MIS.
Will all open positions be squared off when the End Of Settlement process is run?
All MIS positions will be squared off by Baljit, on best effort basis, when the End Of Settlement (EOS) process is run.
After placing an order, how can I check the status of the order?
Once you submitted the order from Baljit Online the order will be validated by the internal risk management system and then it will be sent to exchange and the confirmation will be placed on Baljit Online.
Various order status messages that can be observed under order book are as follows:

   - Put Order Request Received (After order acknowledged by server)
   - Validation Pending (Order is going through risk validations)
   - Open Pending (Order sent to Exchange)
   - Open (Order confirmed by exchange)
   - Modify Validation Pending (Order modification is going through risk validation)
   - Modify Pending (Order Modification request sent to exchange)
   - Modified (Order Modification confirmed by exchange)
   - Not Modified (Order Modification rejected by exchange)
   - Cancel Pending (Order Cancel request sent to exchange)
   - Cancelled (Order Cancellation confirmed by exchange)
   - Not Cancelled (Order Cancellation rejected by exchange)
   - Rejected (Order Rejected by exchange)
   - Order Frozen (Order frozen at exchange)
   - Lapsed (Order lapsed / expired at server level due to disconnectivity)
Can I place orders when the markets are not open?
Yes. You may request for placing orders, during the time mentioned above, even when the markets are closed. However, only Limit orders will be allowed to be placed during the non-trading hours. Such orders will be sent to the exchange only after the market opens.
Can I have any charts in Baljit Online?
Intraday Graph, which depicts the intra day chart for selected scrip from market. This can be called from market watch on click of Intra day button menu.
What are the different types of orders that can be placed on
  1. Normal Order:
    When you sell shares it will be automatically adjusted against the shares bought by you earlier or shares already in your DP.
  2. Stop Loss Order:
    It is an order placed, which gets activated only when the market price of the relevant scrip reaches or crosses a threshold price, which is called trigger price. Until then the order does not enter the market but sits with the NSE.

What is AMO (After Market Order) order?
AMO order is a feature which allow user to place order at the server when the market is closed. These orders will be released to the exchange when market opens. An AMO order is viewed in order book in open window with status After Market Order. RMS is not validated while placing After Market Orders.
What is Position Conversion?
Position Conversion is to conversion of trade from one product to another. If you placed the order in MIS (For Intraday) product instead of CNC (For Delivery) and if the order got executed, then you can convert the trade from MIS to CNC.
How can I do Trade Modification?
The Trade Modification is allowed for NSE FO. You can select the respective trade and then click on Modify button. In the modify dialog, you can select the new client id to which you want to modify the trade.
How to view my holdings?
The holdings can be viewed in holdings page present under Positions Menu ->Holdings. You have to select the respective account id and click on Get Holdings, to get holdings details.
Where can I check the Cash Margin utilized?
The Risk Limits can be viewed from Limits option present under Position -> Limits. You can view the Cash Margin available / Ledger Balance, the Exposure Limits and the Margin utilized.
How can I set an alert?
From Market Watch select scrip and click on Alerts Menu. You can call the set alert page through which you get alerts based on market data.
What happens in case my shares are short sold?
At any point of time when the shares are short sold and the same are not delivered for the pay-in to the exchange, then the shares go in for auction wherein the shares are purchased on behalf of the client in the auction market and delivered to the actual buyer. To carry on the auction procedure, 150% of the amount shall be blocked in your account. The same shall be reversed subject to the debit of the actual auction charges.

We request you to view the details in your ledger. The path is as follows: --> Online Back office --> Log in --> Accounts Report Ledger -BSE/NSE.

Kindly note that you can also transfer the shares from some other demat account to your demat account with Baljit in order to adjust the shares for the pay-in. However, the shares should be transferred one day prior to the pay-in date before 3.30 p.m.
Can I sell without having shares in my demat account?
When the stock exchange puts a specific share into no-delivery, only trading is permitted in that security. Such trades are settled only after such no-delivery period is over. This is done to ensure that investor's entitlements for corporate benefits are clearly determined.
What happens when I buy or sell shares that are in no-delivery period?
You can only sell shares if you have them in your demat account or if you have purchased them earlier during the same settlement cycle.
What is a Contract Note?
It is a statement of confirmation of trade(s) done on a particular day for and on behalf of a client. A Contract Note is issued in the prescribed format and manner, establishing a legally enforceable relationship between the member and client in respect to the trades stated in that Contract Note. Contract Notes are made in duplicate, where the member and client both keep one copy each.
What information and database will Baljit provide?
We are working to introduce a host of value-added research products for our clients.
  • This will include buy or sell recommendations on companies, basic and advanced investing strategies, articles to enhance the knowledge base of the investing community, online databases and tools to help you in financial planning and so on. We will provide a comprehensive coverage of the capital markets in a phased manner, so that all your investing demands and the need for financial security are met at one place.
  • This will include buy or sell recommendations on companies, basic and advanced investing strategies, articles to enhance the knowledge base of the investing community, online databases and tools to help you in financial planning and so on.

What other resources will the site offer me to help in taking smarter online investment decisions?
Our site will offer you a comprehensive set of resources like online quotes, news, charts, financial databases, company reports, earnings estimates and a host of research based tools to help you make better decisions. We will also offer a comprehensive markets page where you can get to the latest update on markets, trends, news and events affecting the markets.
How do I set a password of my choice?
Your login Password, Transaction Password and User Id will be sent to your registered address along with the welcome kit by courier. Once you have received them, you will have to change the passwords after the first login for security reasons. You will be required to set an alpha numeric password of your choice. Please check the note under Change Password mode.
What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
In case you have forgotten your password, please click on Forgot Password option on Login Page.

You will be led to a screen as shown bellow:

On this page, enter your User Id and enter your mobile no, email id and bank account number that you had provided to us while opening the account. Click on submit.
Once this is done, we will send you a new password on your email id. You may login to your account and change your password to a new one of your choice.
When I login, I get the message "Please enter the valid ID & Password". What do I Do?
This message is shown when you have entered the incorrect password. Please re-enter the passwords carefully since they are case sensitive.
How do I change my existing password?
Please click on Account Menu and select Change Password option. You may specify passwords of your choice and click on Change Password.